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We’re the most trusted Houston concrete contractors for a simple reason: We don’t provide solutions we wouldn’t use on our own homes. Leveled Concrete started because our founder was in need of a solution for his own home. After scouring the market, Zachary found a polyurethane injection process called PolyLEVEL was the best choice for the job. After seeing firsthand how helpful this process could be, he decided to share what he found with his neighbors by putting together a team to solve all Houston’s concrete leveling needs.

The Problem

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When your concrete was first poured, it was placed on ground that had already been disturbed by contractors. This digging around in the soil made it less stable than it was before the disruption. As the soil settles, washes out, and starts to compact under the weight of the concrete, voids begin to form beneath the slabs. Concrete starts to sink into those voids, which is what leads unlevel or cracking slabs.

The Solution

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We start our Houston concrete foundation repair by drilling small holes in the sinking slab so we can inject the PolyLEVEL solution below the surface. As it expands and hardens, it will begin to gently lift your sinking concrete back to its original position. This non-toxic polyurethane foam is lightweight and won’t wash out or disintegrate over time and will support your concrete for decades to come.

The Result

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After our Houston concrete contractors have finished their work, our PolyLEVEL will be cured and your concrete will be ready to use in as little as 30 minutes! Strong enough to hold cars and other heavy equipment, you’ll have the smooth, level concrete you were looking for. We’ll also seal any cracks and joints to further extend the life of your concrete, providing a permanent solution to a nasty problem. Plus, our Houston concrete repair and leveling services come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty!

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