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Settled Driveway

The Problem

Your concrete was built on ground that was often dug up and changed by contractors. Over time that soil naturally compacts and settlement occurs. Once settlement occurs, water starts to get below the concrete, through cracks or failed joints. Causing soil to wash out. Thus making the problem worse. 

Concrete Leveling

The Solution

PolyLEVEL is injected below the concrete to fill the voids and lift the concrete back up. PolyLEVEL does not wash out, nor does it dry out. It also only requires a 5/16" hole. No more of those unsightly coke can size holes in your concrete. Since PolyLEVEL is lightweight as well, no significant weight is added to the soils.

Finished Project

The Result

Lifted and stabilized concrete that is ready for many more years of life. Sealed joints and cracks extend the life of other concrete as well. Giving you a permanent solution to a nagging problem. Rest assured with our industry leading 5 year warranty, you are in good hands. 

Why choose PolyLevel?

Lasts a Lifetime!

Polyurethane cures as a solid, impermeable structure which adheres to the concrete and is not susceptible to fracture or failure.

Soil Stabilization

Polyurethane is injected as a liquid and reacts within the loosely, uncompacted soils to solidify and stabilize those soils.

Less Invasive

Leveled Concrete uses controlled injections in penny-size holes, to raise your concrete quickly and effectively. Mudjacking requires much larger holes – up to 2 inches.

Light Weight

Polyurethane weighs about 2 pounds per cubic ft. Mudjacking material weighs over 100 pounds per cubic foot, which adds a tremendous amount of weight to an already burdened substructure.

It's Fast!

Polyurethane cures within minutes with your concrete ready to use again when we leave the job! Mudjacking can take days.

Environmentally Friendly

Our safe, recycled, green solution creates a barrier to moisture, chemicals, insects, rodents, additional ground movement, and erosion.


  • Fast great service, lifted my bonus room slab in a matter of few hours, highly recommended.

  • Highly recommended. Contractor very knowledgeable and professional. Work performed exactly as described in a very efficient manner. No surprises.

  • Zach gave a competitive quote. He completed the work on time and within his quoted price. The sidewalk sections are now level and look good. Thanks Zach!

  • Zach was awesome. He gave us a fair bid for repairing a collapsed stair, came to our rescue quickly, and did a superior job. He even provided a two-year warranty! We will be calling Leveled Concrete again when needed! I highly recommend this company.

  • Zachary did a great job on my driveway. Answered my request on Homeadvisor within 10 minutes. Very reasonable on price as well.

    MIKE R.

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