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Concrete Leveling Solutions

Houston residents know the trouble of sinking and uneven sidewalks, driveways, foundations, and streets. At Leveled, we know how much of an inconvenience this can be. From annoying bumps in the car spilling your coffee to throwing kids from their bicycles, nothing good can from uneven concrete. If you live in Houston, call Leveled today and get your concrete surfaces evened out ASAP!

Leveled specializes in leveling slabs, sidewalks, driveways, and patios and serves Houston and surrounding areas. Leveled provides phenomenal quality, long-lasting, and cost-effective concrete leveling and concrete repair solutions for our residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Our goal is to be your first choice for concrete leveling solutions by offering superior workmanship, quick response times, and unsurpassed service.

There is more than one method for restoring the look of your concrete. Many homeowners choose to replace their sunken concrete entirely. Others choose a process like mudjacking to fill in voids below the surface and create more support for sinking slabs. Leveled was founded on the belief that traditional methods aren’t necessarily the best choice for concrete leveling. Technology has given birth to advancements in so many fields, and home repair is one of them! PolyLEVEL is the best way to add support beneath sinking concrete slabs because it creates a sturdy foundation without adding a mass of extra weight and pressure. Take, for example, the difference between PolyLEVEL and mudjacking—a traditional concrete leveling process.


When you’re trying to decide whether to repair or entirely replace your concrete, a few things need to be considered. First, what’s the current condition of the concrete in question? If it’s just sinking, or even has some large cracks running through the slabs, concrete leveling services may be perfect for your Houston home. However, if the concrete has lots of cracks and fissures or if the surface is pitted and flaking, you may need to look into replacement. You’ll also want to consider your budget. Concrete repair is typically much more affordable than a full replacement since there’s no cost for removing the old material. Finally, consider your needs. Because concrete gets stronger as it gets older, repairing and lifting concrete slabs around your Houston residence or commercial building is a great option. If they’re in decent shape, you’ll likely have a better outcome from repairing old, strong concrete than pouring fresh concrete, waiting for it to cure, and hoping the damage won’t repeat itself.

Concrete Leveling Solutions

PolyLEVEL vs. Mudjacking

Mudjacking and PolyLEVEL are actually very similar in their processes. Both help support sinking concrete and both use a substance injected beneath the affected slab through small, drilled portholes to do so. The difference really lies in the substance itself. Mudjacking uses a slurry of concrete, mud, and water to fill the voids under your concrete. Unfortunately, this mixture is very heavy, and the added weight on your already unstable soil. PolyLEVEL, however, is a polyurethane-based foam solution. This substance has the strength to hold up heavy concrete without adding any additional significant weight to the soil below.

Concrete Leveling Solutions

Why PolyLEVEL?

PolyLEVEL from Leveled is the premier Houston concrete leveling solution, providing people in the surrounding communities with a quick and cost-effective way to repair their homes or businesses. PolyLEVEL is a polyurethane foam that expands as it’s injected below the sinking concrete. As it hardens and folds over itself, PolyLEVEL gently lifts your sinking concrete back to its original position—it can raise concrete upwards of 5 inches! Once the slab has been raised to the desired level, we allow approximately 30 minutes for the foam to fully harden in place and fill the injection holes, and then you’re done! Simple, fast, and accurate lifting is the name of the game when it comes to PolyLEVEL.

Concrete Leveling Solutions


Since our inception, we've been leveling concrete around Houston and leaving happy homeowners in our wake! If you've been thinking about fixing that old patio or leveling the pool deck, call Leveled at 832-995-2000 to schedule your free concrete evaluation and quote.


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