We have all seen them, the cheap disaster movies that are everyone’s guilty pleasure. The scene opens much like this, a shot of the Houston skyline and all of a sudden, the ground splits like a paper grocery bag at the top of the stairs. The shaking ground, the screaming public, at least one aggressive cab driver and popping, sparking power lines indicate that this is not a normal day in Texas. The only explanation could be an earthquake or a really large armadillo, regardless, the infrastructure of our fair city will be altered forever. Now an earthquake that does actual damage in Houston is not entirely out of the realm of possibility but it is not at all very likely. Regardless, the area seems to be a hotbed for sinking sidewalks and shifting earth. At Leveled Concrete, we can rejuvenate your walkways, sidewalks, driveways and anywhere that your concrete is sagging like a thirty-year-old tattoo.


The earth around Houston is not necessarily what you would consider very stable. In fact it is extremely common for local concrete work to begin sliding into the abyss. The is generally not due to the initial quality of the concrete work but shifting soils below grade level. The term “active soils” directly describe the state of our dirt around the Houston area. In fact about 7 years ago it was warned that the entire region was sinking and may end up underwater in 7-10 years. I don’t know about you but our feet are still dry. Regardless, we see our fair share of sinkholes, sinkholes that can swallow an entire dump truck. Underneath your concrete could be a small representation of these active soils that create sinkholes. Little pockets of air eventually form under the concrete and cause settling. Settling is when the concrete sinks and settles.

THE SOLUTION                          

At Leveled Concrete, we utilize a proprietary process of injecting extremely stable polyurethane material directly under the sagging sidewalk or driveway. Think of it like a jelly donut, the baker uses a straw to insert the raspberry goodness into the center of the donut, creating a much more dense breakfast treat. Ironically, our system works on a similar principle. We drill small holes in the saggy concrete and inject our polyurethane geotechnical foam mixture, effectively leveling the concrete above and filling the void below. Due to its design, our polyurethane foam creates an incredibly stable platform for the concrete above, eliminating future settling. While we may not be worried about earthquakes active soils are a real threat to your concrete. It is in your best interest, if you notice sagging or drooping concrete that you call the experts at Leveled Concrete. Avoid future damage and nip the problem in the bud with polyurethane foam as an alternative to mudjacking. We are proud to serve the Houston area and we make the estimation process a snap, so fill out the form and submit it to us for the fastest service! We look forward to hearing from you! And don’t worry there are no such creatures as giant armadillos… right?