Between the effect of the elements and the wear and tear from daily driving, your concrete undergoes stress and strain over the years. Cracks, shifts with ground settling, and broken areas on your concrete can shorten its lifespan and end up costing much more down the road if they’re not tended to earlier on. When you start to look into concrete repair contractors, there are a few key components to consider to ensure the best experience and price for your project.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the questions and aspects to ponder when choosing a concrete contractor.


Looking into the process the company uses to install or repair concrete on your property is mandatory. Depending on the needs you have, ask for specific outlines on what they plan to do to fix the concrete, what equipment they will use, the duration time of the project, etc. If their process requires heavy machinery that makes a lot of noise, take that into consideration. There are multiple options to repair concrete, but do your research on the long term effects of each and ask each company why they choose the process they have. Take note of how long it will take for the repair to be complete as well. 


As always, one of the best ways to learn about quality services and companies is through friends and family, and concrete repair is no different. Checking with neighbors or doing your research to find reviews from prior customers will help you sift through the quality companies, and the ones that have inconsistent work results. It may surprise you how many individuals have needed the concrete on their property repaired. Ask friends and neighbors questions about their service experience, their satisfaction with it, cost, warranties, and any other specific things you want to know. Try to find a source outside of their personal website to get an accurate reading of what customers have actually experienced with their services.



Any reliable company will offer a warranty with their work. Often times, a foundation repair is coupled with a lifetime warranty, though not all of them are created equally. Dig a little deeper with your concrete contractor companies and find out the details of the warranty. Never underestimate the details of the fine print. A good contractor will walk you through their warranty guidelines, giving you a clear picture of what to expect and processes to abide by.


Obviously, you will want to know the price point from each contractor. Take caution though, it may not be as black and white as you hoped. Simply because one company offers a lower rate does not mean you are getting the same type of service, warranty, or overall satisfaction. Be sure to do your background research necessary to justify their pricing before you choose. Also, depending on how they plan on repairing your concrete will factor into the overall cost. For example, mudjacking has been used to repair unleveled concrete, but with soil shifting, the results can vary. Whereas with polyurethane injections, the soil is stabilized and the concrete is repaired as well. Consider all angles when choosing your contractor.


Last but not least, no matter who you end up choosing, never pay the full cost amount for the project up front. Wait until the project is finished, inspect the work and move forward from there. Paying with a credit card can also help protect you from paying for poor workmanship.

At Leveled Concrete, we provide high quality work with unmatched customer service. Using polyurethane injections under your concrete, the repair will withstand any soil settling, environmental wear and tear, and the like. Additionally, our process is quick, quiet, and minimally invasive. Our team is equipped with all the necessary equipment to be in and out quickly, providing a watertight result, and quick processing time for the finished project. Leveled Concrete is your Top Rated Local® concrete raising repair company, serving a variety of industries. Visit our website today and learn more, or request an estimate!