Step on a crack and you’ll break your mother’s back! If you ever played that game as a kid, you may remember the cracks would often refer to the cracks in the concrete. With something so massive and seemingly immovable as concrete, violent cracks and an uneven surface can be alarming. If this material is so durable and difficult to effect, what makes these slabs have such drastic cracks and unleveled alignments? Today we’re going to talk about some of the causes for concrete to endure such large cracks and drastic misalignments, and how Leveled Concrete can help restore them to their original glory.


The soil beneath the concrete slab, whether sidewalk or driveway, can be the culprit of cracks in the concrete foundation. As the soils moisture content changes, or the soil shifts beneath the concrete, there are a variety of results that can take place. These results will largely be determined by the type of soil the concrete is on. Each type of soil has varying limitations of what load they are able to support. If the load capacity for a specific soil type is exceeded, it’s likely the concrete will sink over time. Additionally, if the soil is shifted due to the moisture content, the areas where it has been removed will result in sinking in that particular area, which leads us to our next point…


Soil shifting is somewhat inevitable. However, the instance where there is a lack of support for the concrete actually takes place in the beginning stages. When the soil is smoothed out and prepared to have concrete poured atop it, there a few pieces to be wary of. Having concrete poured over soil that has not been tightly compacted is a great way to set yourself up for some well-expected concrete shifting. In the instance where there is not enough moisture for the soil to retain, it will begin to shrink and result in a gap underneath the concrete. This ultimately leads to those large cracks and uneven surfaces.


Unfortunately, even when you have properly packed soil, and quality installation, sinking and cracking of concrete is still possible. Rodents that burrow can thwart the supporting soil underneath the concrete. What’s worse is once there is a lack of soil in a specific area, the rodent will typically establish residence there. Furthermore, any lack of soil where soil is needed provides an opportunity for water to gather, causing more soil displacement and further sinking and cracking of concrete. At Leveled Concrete, we can repair and restore concrete to it’s original and leveled glory. From foundations, to driveways and basements, we’ve done it all! Though sinking may be inevitable, we have the solution and can fix each problem in as little as a few hours. Using a high-tech machine, we drill small holes into the concrete and inject polyurethane to raise the concrete and fill in voids. Our team is qualified and experienced with an array of projects, giving you confidence in your choice of a concrete repair contractor. Serving both residential and commercial needs, Leveled Concrete is available to help you! Contact us today and learn more about our services on our website.