Bulkhead and Seawalls

Leveled Concrete has been providing bulkhead and seawall repairs in Southeast Texas since 2016. We provide a cost-effective solution to solve bulkhead washout repair to stop water infiltration. Our process can fill voids, stabilize disturbed soils and seal your bulkhead or seawall without the use of heavy machinery or excavation.

What Causes Bulkhead and Seawall Failures?

As tidal flows and lake levels rise and fall, water pushes its way through the cracks, joints, or defects in seawalls and bulkheads. That inflow and outflow of water during high and low tides or lake level changes causes soil to be loosened and washed out. Which deteriorates the structural integrity of the seawall or bulkhead. Our rainy seasons cause this to happen much faster as the rain soaks into the sand or soil and washes out through the bulkhead or seawall, taking vital sand and soils with it. 

Leveled Concrete uses a semi-rigid hydrophobic polyurethane foam that reacts with moisture in the soil and expands to fill voids, the polyurethane will permeate sandy soils to form a solid, strong, watertight mass. This injection action also allows the polyurethane to seek out and seal the cracks, joints, or defects in the seawall or bulkhead, preventing future washout. 

Once the underlying soils are stabilized and the bulkhead is sealed, Leveled Concrete can come back with our PolyLevel and lift any concrete above back into place. 

Click here to learn more about the differences between the PolyLEVEL injection and mudjacking.


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