Commercial Foundation Repair in Texas

Foundation problems can be some of the most difficult issues to diagnose and solve. The foundation of your business is so crucial that an undetected foundation issue can cause an irreparable amount of damage, threatening the structural integrity of your facility and millions of dollars worth of assets. That's why you should call Leveled Concrete as soon as you suspect you have a foundation problem. Our experts are here to help you diagnose the problem before it becomes a disaster, saving you time and money and making sure you, your employees, and customers stay safe.

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Our Commercial Foundation Services

Our trained experts are equipped to perform thorough inspections to know just the right solutions for your commercial building foundation needs. Our commercial foundation solutions include:

  • Helical tension anchors
  • Helical pile installation
  • Push (resistance) pier systems
  • Engineering services and support
  • Foundation Restoration
  • And more!

After conducting a thorough inspection to get to the root of your foundation problem, we’ll recommend the perfect solution for your commercial foundation.

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Commercial Foundation Support Solutions

When you’re looking for quality and long-lasting foundation support, you can depend on Leveled Concrete. As a Supportworks contractor, we offer an array of foundation products to not only help fix existing structures but also provide comprehensive solutions for new construction projects.

These include:

  • Helical piles/helix piers
  • Helical/tieback anchors
  • Push pier/underpinning systems
  • Soil nails

Our innovative solutions are designed and rigorously tested according to all applicable standards. Once they’ve been professionally installed by our team, you can expect our solutions to be long-lasting and perform at superior levels.

Warning Signs Of Foundation Problems

While we offer a large variety of services, we understand that it can be difficult for building owners to know what service they need, let alone even know whether or not you have a foundation issue in the first place. The following list includes signs to look out for, and if you notice any of these, you’ll likely need foundation repairs.

Interior warning signs:

  • Floors are uneven or sloping.
  • Cracks are showing on the floor or wall.
  • Walls are bowing inward.
  • Floors over the crawl space are sagging.
  • Windows and doors are hard to open.

Exterior warning signs:

  • The chimney is tilting.
  • Exterior walls have cracks.
  • There are street creeps.

At Leveled Concrete, we leave no stone unturned when conducting thorough inspections to ensure that no foundational problems fall under the radar.

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Choose Leveled Concrete For Commercial Foundation Services

We’ve been providing exceptional commercial foundation services throughout Texas since 2016, delivering only the best. But don’t take our word for it. Feel free to check out the awards we’ve been given for our services, business ethics, and quality assurance. We are also happy to offer financing options so that money is never a barrier to getting the commercial foundation services you need. 

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