Driving into a cracked, sinking, uneven parking lot each day is bad for your car. What’s worse? It’s bad for your business. Customers don’t want to drive or walk through a parking lot with large cracks and uneven slabs, and if there’s another option nearby, they’re likely to choose a business with better curb appeal for their needs.

We’ve helped many local commercial property owners with Houston concrete parking lot repair and leveling, even making ones in terrible condition safe and usable again. Plus, we can fill any remaining cracks and seal the surface of your parking lot to mitigate any potential for future damage.


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Parking lots, unlike driveways, deal with lots of traffic on a daily basis, so when they’re sinking or settling, they need a strong solution that will stand the test of time. When you’re in the market for Houston concrete parking lot repair or other commercial applications, Leveled Concrete is your choice for fast, accurate service in the local area. We won’t list a whole host of services because our technicians are trained to do one thing and do it perfectly, and that’s concrete repair. So when you need a trusted team to fix your parking lot and ensure quality service throughout the process, Leveled Concrete is the team to choose.


How Businesses Benefit From Smooth Concrete Parking Lot Surfaces

As a business owner, ensuring your customers have a pleasant experience is crucial. One way to optimize the exterior of your property is by investing in smooth concrete surfaces for your parking lot. But besides the benefits of protecting your vehicle, there are many ways that smooth parking lots can aid in the comfort you, your customers, and your employees enjoy. We'll explore below:

     Enhanced Curb Appeal - A smooth concrete parking lot adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property. It gives your parking lot a clean and polished look, making it more inviting to potential customers.

     Improved Safety - Uneven paving or cracked concrete can create trip hazards and pose a danger to anyone walking through your parking lot. With smooth concrete surfaces, you provide a safer environment for your customers and employees each day.

     Increased Durability - Regular parking lot surfaces tend to last only a few years before requiring significant repairs. When you invest in smooth concrete surfaces, you enjoy a longer-lasting surface that requires minimal maintenance — keeping one less job off a busy schedule.

     Better Drainage - With a well-paved/repaired parking lot surface, you can avoid unsightly puddles and pools of standing water that can form when the parking lot has depressions. The surface can be sloped to direct water towards gutters to reduce water accumulation on the surface.

     Better for Wheelchairs - Wheelchair travelers and people with mobility issues may face challenges when encountering the grooves and cracks common to concrete surfaces. A solid parking lot surface offers a smoother ride and better accessibility to your property.

Think Your Parking Lot Needs Repairs? Here's How You Can Tell

As a business owner or property manager, keeping your commercial parking lot safe and well-maintained should be one of your main goals. A parking lot is the first impression of your business for customers, and it's crucial to address any issues before they become expensive or even dangerous.

Here are the signs that your commercial parking lot needs repairs:

Cracks and Potholes

One of the most apparent signs of parking lot damage is the presence of cracks, potholes, and other surface degradation. These issues are usually caused by weathering, heavy traffic, and improperly installed base materials. If left unattended, these damages will lead to further deterioration, costly repairs, or even accidents.

Drainage Problems

A faulty drainage system will cause pooling of water and will eventually result in the formation of potholes. Water retention is also dangerous as it offers an excellent breeding ground for algae, moss, and other harmful organisms that can affect the concrete surface's stability. Therefore, it's crucial to address any drainage problems in your parking lot as soon as possible.

Uneven Surface

An uneven surface may occur due to ground settling, heavy traffic, or improper installation. This issue is dangerous, especially for elderly people, children, and those who have difficulty walking. An uneven surface in your parking lot can damage cars and can also be a safety hazard. Without proper leveling, motorists could lose control, resulting in accidents you'll be liable for.

Fading and Worn-Out Striping

Striping in a parking lot is essential for proper traffic flow and parking compliance that ensures smooth business operation. It's the first impression customers see when they enter your parking lot, so maintaining clear and bright striping is essential. Fading and worn-out stripping requires immediate attention for proper maintenance and parking safety measures.

To ensure the longevity and safety of your parking lot, it's essential to address these issues as soon as possible. If you spot any of the above problems on your commercial parking lot, it's time to repair them.


Our expert team provides high-quality concrete services, including parking lot repair, striping, and maintenance. With years of experience and state-of-the-art materials, we guarantee to provide a long-lasting solution for your parking lot problems.

Reliable services have never been easier to acquire. Contact us today for a free and accurate evaluation of your parking lot needs.


LEVELift, installed by our expert technicians, is the perfect choice for settled parking lot repair in Houston, but that’s not all it’s great for. We can use LEVELift for a whole host of commercial applications, including:

     Leveling interior and exterior industrial & commercial building slabs

     Leveling uneven roads & bridge approaches

     Stabilizing pipeline trench breakers

     Airport, railroad & infrastructure repairs

     Highway, street, and public sidewalk repair

     Leveling floors of arenas and municipal buildings

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