The LEVELift Injection Process

Our concrete raising service in Houston uses a polyurethane injection foam mixture called LEVELift to permanently lift and stabilize concrete slabs. LEVELift is a high-density injectable foam that stabilizes loose soils and lifts settled concrete as it hardens. Within 15 minutes, the material is fully cured and you’re able to use your concrete again! The substance has no negative environmental impacts once mixed and cured, and our equipment houses each of the materials needed separately to prevent cross contamination. In fact, polyurethane is often used when construction has to be done near drinking water because it won’t contaminate the source.

The greatest benefits of LEVELift are the miniscule injection holes and the lack of added weight. While mudjacking adds more than 100 lbs. per cubic foot of weight onto the soil supporting your concrete, LEVELift weighs less than 4 lbs. per cubic foot. Because there’s very little added pressure, your soil has a better chance of continuing to support your driveway, pool deck, or other concrete slab without compacting and causing further damage. Other benefits of LEVELift include:

  • It Lasts a Lifetime: LEVELift cures as a single solid, impermeable, hydrophobic structure which adheres to the concrete and won’t fracture, fail or washout.
  • It Stabilizes the Soil: Unstable or too little soil below your concrete is the most likely cause of its settlement. LEVELift is injected as a liquid, then reacts within the loose soils as it hardens to solidify and stabilize the soil below.
  • It’s Less Cleanup: Leveled Concrete uses controlled injections in pencil-size holes to raise your concrete quickly and effectively. Mudjacking can lead to holes up to 2 inches in diameter, making them much more difficult to patch properly.
  • It’s Lightweight: LEVELift weighs about 4 pounds per cubic ft, so it won’t add any unnecessary weight onto the already unstable soil below.
  • It's Fast: LEVELift cures within minutes, so your concrete is ready for use by the time our team packs up, unlike mudjacking which can take days to cure.
  • It’s Environmentally Friendly: Our safe, non-toxic solution creates a barrier to moisture, chemicals, insects, rodents, additional ground movement, and erosion without releasing harmful chemicals into your soil.

poly level graphic
poly level concrete diagram

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is a process very similar to LEVELift, and it’s supposed to create similar results. The difference lies in the substance used. Mudjacking uses a mixture of dirt, water, and cement that’s injected below the surface of a sinking slab. Because the substance is hand mixed, you have to trust that your contractor is mixing the correct levels of these three components, and if too little cement is added, you are essentially pumping wet dirt below the slab. If it is mixed correctly, you run an entirely different risk. Adding the heavy weight of this mixture on already wet or unstable soil can cause the soil to settle more, leaving your concrete at risk of sinking again. For Houston homeowners, mudjacking is most likely a temporary solution at best.