Should I Repair Or Replace My Concrete?

Deciding whether or not to repair or replace your concrete is a big choice, and there are some details to take into account before making your final verdict. Consider the damage level of the concrete in question. If your concrete has a good amount of cracking, pitting, or flaking, it may be time for a concrete replacement for your Houston home. Some sinking or even the presence of a few large cracks may mean that your Houston home or business is perfect for concrete leveling and repair. Repairing existing concrete is more affordable than replacing it as there’s no cost for old material removal, and you’re patching specific areas instead of pouring an entirely new slab. On top of that, we recommend repairing concrete if it’s still in decent shape because concrete gets stronger as it ages, so fortifying the existing, sturdy concrete is a great option for your Houston residential or commercial property.

Houston Concrete Leveling Solutions

We understand that the first inclination of some homeowners may be to replace concrete entirely when they see damage like sinking or cracking. That said, there are actually multiple methods to restore the look of concrete that don’t involve paying for a whole new slab. While some choose to fill voids below the surface with processes like mudjacking, Leveled Concrete was founded on the belief that traditional options aren’t always the best choice for concrete leveling solutions offered in Houston.

Technology brings advancements in so many fields, and home repair is one of them! As your Houston concrete replacement and leveling experts, we believe that LEVELift is the best way to add support to sinking concrete slabs. LEVELift creates a sturdy foundation without adding a mass of extra weight and pressure. Whether you’re looking for services in Houston like driveway repair, sidewalk, slab, patio, concrete replacement Leveled Concrete is here to provide you with long-lasting, quality concrete leveling and repairs at affordable rates.

We strive to be Houston’s first choice for concrete leveling solutions by offering phenomenal workmanship, quick turnaround times, and superior service.

LEVELift Vs. Mudjacking

The processes of Mudjacking and LEVELift are extremely similar. Both stabilize sinking concrete by injecting a substance beneath the slab through small drilled portholes. The substance makes all the difference. Mudjacking fills cavities beneath concrete using a slurry of concrete, mud, and water. Sadly, this combination is hefty, adding to the instability of your already fragile soil. However, LEVELift is a polyurethane foam solution. This material can support thick concrete without adding substantial weight to the earth underneath.

Why LEVELift?

A quick and cost-effective approach to repair the concrete in your home or business, LEVELift from Leveled Concrete is a leading Houston concrete leveling solution. As it is injected underneath sinking concrete, LEVELift expands softly, raising sinking concrete back to its original place as it solidifies and folds over itself. LEVELift has been shown to raise sinking concrete upwards of 5 inches! After the slab has been lifted to the proper level, it takes around 30 minutes for the foam to fully firm and fill the injection holes. LEVELift is all about easy, rapid, and precise lifting.

poly level graphic
poly level concrete diagram

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