Sinking Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks and Other Slabs

A lot of Houston homeowners deal with sinking concrete. In Houston, most homes are built on Houston black soil (sometimes referred to as black gumbo or dark gumbo soil as well) which consists mostly of clay. This type of soil holds a lot of moisture, and this, unfortunately, can lead to issues with your concrete over time. When your slabs start to sink, you may be considering a replacement. However, if the damage isn’t too extreme, repairing and leveling your concrete may be a more affordable option.

What Causes Sinking Concrete?

The cause of sinking concrete comes down to the soil below it. If there’s not enough soil support for a heavy slab, or if your soil has a high clay content, your concrete is more prone to sinking and cracking. These are some of the most common reasons concrete slabs start to sink in Texas.

Fluctuating Moisture Content

As we mentioned, most of the soil around in our area is Houston black soil which has a very high clay content. This makes it really sticky and moldable when wet. So, when it rains, the clay soaks up as much water as possible and begins to swell. Then, as the soil dries out, it begins to shrink and can no longer support the pressure from the heavy concrete on top of it, causing your slabs to sink irregularly.

Soil Washout

If your home was built on sandy soil, you may be dealing with soil washout. When rainwater flows beneath the slab, sandy soil is easily disrupted and can start to wash out with the water. This leaves voids beneath the slab and, because the heavy concrete no longer has adequate support, it will start to crack.

Poorly Compacted Soil

This is an issue that happens before your concrete is even poured. If the team installing your concrete didn’t compact the soil beneath it well enough before pouring, it will start to compact irregularly under the weight of the concrete over time. This will eventually lead to sinking and, in some cases, cracks in your concrete.

A Fast, Efficient Solution

LEVELift is a fast, accurate way to re-level your sunken concrete. We simply inject it underneath the slab, so it can lift the concrete as it expands. Once it reaches the desired level, it hardens in place, filling the voids below the concrete and providing a solid structure to support it. Call Leveled Concrete at 832-995-2000 in Houston, Texas for a free quote on your concrete leveling project today!

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