Porches & Patios

Concrete patio and porch replacement services can be extremely expensive and can often take days or weeks to get from the start of your project to the finished product. First, teams have to break up the old concrete and remove it using specialty equipment. Throughout the process, your yard will likely take some damage. Then, more equipment comes in as they pour your new concrete which will take quite a while to cure before you can use your new patio. If the only problems you’re noticing are some settlement and maybe a few cracks, there’s another, more affordable solution you can use to repair your porch or patio. When you choose Leveled Concrete's PolyLEVEL system for your Houston concrete porch or patio repair, you’re choosing:

  • One-Day Service: You tell us where to be and when to be there, and we’ll raise and level your porch that day.
  • A Blemish-free Finish: PolyLEVEL injection requires only pencil-sized holes that we’ll patch before we leave, so you won’t have to worry about any ugly discoloration or major blemishes.
  • Affordability: Because you’re not dealing with the costs of removing the old concrete, the costs of PolyLEVEL are far lower than a full porch or patio replacement.

Our Porch & Patio Leveling Process

First, our team will drill small holes into the sinking concrete porch or patio near the area or areas that are starting to settle. Then, we’ll begin injecting PolyLEVEL beneath the surface, keeping a close eye on the concrete to ensure it’s rising to the level we’re hoping to achieve. Once we’ve gotten the slab where we want it, we’ll patch the holes, and your porch or patio will be ready to use in about 15 minutes—that’s all it takes for PolyLEVEL to fully harden and support your slab!

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back patio after poly level