We often think of concrete slabs as permanent installations. However, they are susceptible to the movement and integrity of the soil underneath. Over time, environmental factors may impact the soil under your concrete slab, causing it to crack and become uneven.

You may experience soil erosion, settlement, or expansion after a storm or plumbing leak. Improper drainage in the area can lead to excess erosion. Additionally, as the soil moves and settles, it can shift from its original location under the concrete. All of these factors can result in concrete voids or empty spaces underneath the slab.

We highly recommend having professional Houston concrete void filling services completed as quickly as possible to protect the integrity of your concrete slab. Leaving the voids unaddressed will exert pressure on your slab or foundation and may cause more extensive (and costly) damage. The experts at Leveled help homeowners and businesses in Houston with their concrete void-filling needs. We will work with you to address any problems and protect the integrity of your concrete slab.


At Leveled, we select industry-leading repair solutions and provide outstanding service. If you suspect that you have a void underneath your concrete slab, we can help.

One of our preferred concrete repair solutions in Houston is PolyLevel®. It is a simple yet cutting-edge method used to effectively fill the voids under the concrete and return the slab to its proper position. After identifying the location of the concrete voids, our team injects high-density polyurethane foam into the voids through tiny holes drilled into the slab. As the foam expands, the voids are filled in, and then the foam quickly hardens to provide permanent support to your home or business in Houston. PolyLevel is quick, cost-effective, and requires minimal demolition.

Additionally, PolyLevel is safe, environmentally friendly, and minimally invasive. Plus, the process requires very little downtime, so you will be able to use the area again almost immediately after our work is complete.


Our concrete void filling experts in Houston are experienced in working with the unique soils in our area. Homeowners and business owners trust Leveled with their concrete lifting and leveling projects. We have an experienced and professional team that proudly offers exceptional service and the highest quality of work.


We want to ensure your foundation and concrete slabs are secure and stable so you can rest easy. Contact us today and schedule your free inspection!