Driveway Repair

Don't Replace! Get Leveled!

Concrete leveling is quicker and less costly than the alternatives

Save Money

Driveway replacements can be a costly endeavor. Save thousands by choosing polyurethane foam injection leveling.

Same Day Service

About 30 minutes after the polyurethane foam is injected it will be hardened and your driveway will be ready for full use!

No Mess

Don't worry about being without a driveway for days or weeks. Leveled Concrete services will simply drill a few very small holes in your driveway, inject the foam, and be out of your way.

How it works

Leveled Concrete’s system includes the controlled lift of the individual slabs that make up your driveway. We achieve a precise result by applying expansive polymer foam just beneath the surface of the slab. This process eliminates the failing condition of your driveway as well as seals and stabilizes all defective joints and sources of water penetration from further erosion. The variety of soils and substrates across the greater Houston area are often the root of the problem. Leveled Concrete’s system treats the soils under your driveway and addresses the water and erosion issues. The average life cycle of concrete is extended at a fraction of the cost of a complete driveway replacement.

Until recently, mudjacking has been the method more commonly used for lifting cracked or uneven driveways and is still a widely acceptable form of restoration. While mudjacking and polyurethane injection can achieve similar results, at least initially, the process by which those results are achieved and the extended performance of the two products are completely different.

Click here to learn more about the differences between the two and why polyurethane injection is a superior option. 


  • Fast great service, lifted my bonus room slab in a matter of few hours, highly recommended.

  • Highly recommended. Contractor very knowledgeable and professional. Work performed exactly as described in a very efficient manner. No surprises.

  • Zach gave a competitive quote. He completed the work on time and within his quoted price. The sidewalk sections are now level and look good. Thanks Zach!

  • Zach was awesome. He gave us a fair bid for repairing a collapsed stair, came to our rescue quickly, and did a superior job. He even provided a two-year warranty! We will be calling Leveled Concrete again when needed! I highly recommend this company.

  • Zachary did a great job on my driveway. Answered my request on Homeadvisor within 10 minutes. Very reasonable on price as well.

    MIKE R.

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