Push Pier Installation in Houston

Foundation settlement is a big problem that presents itself in many ways. Warning signs inside your home can include jammed doors and windows, gaps around frames, drywall cracks, and cracks in your foundation itself. These symptoms all point to structural issues.

One of the permanent repair methods our experts use at Leveled Concrete is a push pier system. If you think you have a settling foundation, call or click to schedule your free inspection and see if this solution is right for your home.

What Do Push Piers Do?

Push piers are structural supports that are designed with either steel or concrete pilings. Both push pier systems are excellent solutions for adding stability back to a settling foundation. Not only does this method stop any further shifting or settling, but it also has the ability to lift your home back to a level position.

Concrete Vs. Steel

Each of these types of push piers has their own pros and cons. Some major reasons why we prefer concrete pilings are because they are much more cost-effective for homeowners. Since the areas we serve in Texas don’t have very deep soils, these are also easy to install because they don’t go as far into the ground. Concrete is also much heavier and more solid than steel and uses friction to give your foundation strength.

Schedule a Free Foundation Inspection

When your home’s structural integrity is at stake, you need a team of experts to help you find the best possible solution. Reach out to us at Leveled Concrete to get a free inspection and see if a push pier system is right for your foundation.

Our Texas foundation experts perform inspections in numerous communities around Houston, Conroe, Clear Lake, Sugar Land, Katy and more. Schedule your free inspection today!