Foundation settlement not only jeopardizes the value of your home, it compromises the structural stability of the entire house. That sounds bad, and it can be, but Leveled Concrete has solutions for concrete structural support here in Houston to put your home back in fine standing and restore it to its original glory.

Causes of Foundation Settlement

Our Houston black soil—known commonly as “black gumbo”—is the epitome of an expansive soil, which is rich in clay and soaks up a lot of water and expands. In the dry months, the water content of the soil decreases and the soil shrinks. Given time, this expand-contract movement causes your house to shift and settle, and the result is a cracked and compromised foundation, which jeopardizes the stability of your home, and its market value. Fortunately, we have permanent solutions for just this problem. Our two preferred solutions to restore the structural integrity of your home are push piers, which can be made from steel or concrete pilings.

How Push Piers Work

Steel push piers are a load-bearing system made from heavy-duty pipes that fit together and are designed to stabilize and support the foundation of a structure. The weight of the structure holds the sections of the pier together and helps them remain stable.

The foundation bracket of a steel pier is secured to the original footing, then pier sections are driven into the soil deep enough to find hold in stable soil or bedrock capable of providing support for the structure. Once installed, your house will no longer shift or settle.

Though our experts at Leveled Concrete prefer steel piers, we do recommend concrete piers for homeowners who are on a budget and can’t afford an alternative. Also, if your home is built on soils that do not go very deep, concrete piers are quick and easy to install, and still provide sufficient stability and support in the type of soil that supports your foundation. We offer concrete structural support to Houston with our push pier system installation services that will protect your home’s foundation. 

Schedule a Free Foundation Inspection

Push pier systems are the perfect solution to stabilize your Houston home and prevent future damage. When the foundation of your home shows signs of problems, such as cracks in the walls, sticking windows or doors, or a tilting chimney, contact Leveled Concrete right away to schedule your free inspection. We’ll give you an honest recommendation for the best solution to restore the integrity of your home, whether it’s steel push pier system installations here in Houston or concrete structural support, our foundation repair experts will get to work.