Repair Your Cracked Foundation Slab

Cracks in your foundation’s slab are not something you should ignore. Tiny hairline cracking is normal when the slab cures, but fissures that are large and worsen over time indicate a problem. Especially when accompanied by other symptoms like sticking doors and windows or drywall cracks in your home, the culprit is likely your foundation.

Our foundation repair experts at Leveled can tell you exactly what is causing the problem and have the best solutions to correct it. If you have a cracked or uneven foundation slab, reach out to us to schedule a free inspection.

How Foundation Cracks Happen

The reason behind a cracked foundation slab can vary. Generally, it narrows down to the soil under and around your foundation. It’s really common to see problems arise from the expansive clay soil properties found in Texas. This type of dirt goes through extreme shrinking and expanding cycles during wet and dry seasons. All the movement weakens your foundation slab, causing it to eventually crack and shift.

How We Can Fix Them

The best solution for your foundation floors greatly depends on the cause of the problem. To find out what’s going to work right for your home, we need to inspect and diagnose your floor cracks. Typically, we use two different types of pier systems to correct and stabilize your foundation permanently.

All our pier systems are specifically designed to correct failing foundations by creating anchored support for your home. Push piers are our best option for unknown soil conditions because they reach greater depths than any other method. Slab piers are basically push piers engineered to raise slabs that have settled. Both options are minimally invasive and provide permanent support.

Schedule a Free Inspection

Don’t let your foundation get worse. Fix your slab permanently with the team at Leveled. We will inspect your home for free and help you decide which solution is right for your unique situation. Our Texas foundation experts perform inspections in numerous communities around Austin, Killeen, Waco, Cypress, Temple, Houston, and more. Schedule your professional inspection today!