Helical Pier Installation in Houston

Uneven floors, cracked foundations, and sticking doors or windows are all issues no homeowner wants to keep dealing with. That’s why we only provide permanent, customized solutions for your foundation problems, including using a helical pier system to get you back on level ground.

Our foundation repair experts at Leveled Concrete can give you a free inspection to find out if helical piers are right for your home. If you think you have signs of structural failure, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Call or click to schedule your inspection today.

What Do Helical Piers Do?

So, what exactly are helical piers and why do we install them? Also known as helical piles, this foundation repair solution is essentially a big screw that we embed deep underground to redistribute the weight of your home. They’re a cost-effective and minimally invasive method used to prevent future settling. Helical piers can also help lift foundations back their original positions if they have already settled.

Signs That You Might Need Them

A lot of different problems can cause foundation settlement, but the most common culprit we see is poor soil conditions. The ground around your home had to be removed in order to construct the foundation. When the dirt is put back, it isn't ever quite as compact and strong as it was prior to construction. Loose spots beneath your foundation eventually sink under the weight. Typical signs of foundation settlement we see can include:

  • Uneven floors
  • Interior wall cracks
  • Basement wall cracks
  • Jammed windows and doors
  • Gaps around window and door frames

Get a Free Installation

Our team can stop out to your home to see if helical piers are the right solution for your foundation. Whatever the cause is of your structural failure, we have the top methods and products to add stability back to your home.

Our Texas foundation experts perform inspections in numerous communities around Houston, Conroe, Clear Lake, Sugar Land, Katy and more. Schedule your free inspection today!