Slab Pier Installation in Houston

The effects of settling concrete porches or patios aren’t a pretty sight. Uneven slabs that are cracked or sunken not only lower your home’s overall value, but can also be a serious tripping hazard. Many homeowners dread facing their concrete problems, thinking that it requires a costly replacement.

At Leveled Concrete, we strive to find the most cost-effective solution for our customers. For situations like this, we offer slab pier installation as an alternative to entire slab replacements. Call or click to schedule your free inspection and see if slab piers are right for your home.

What Do Slab Piers Do?

Much like other pier systems, slab piers lift your settling concrete slabs back to a level position and stabilize them permanently to prevent future movement. With the use of steel tubes and slab brackets, we can connect your concrete to secure strata in the soil underneath.

Signs That You Need Slab Piers

When the soil beneath your concrete slabs can no longer support the weight of the concrete, they move and shift. This can happen due to empty pockets, loose dirt, or erosion. Wash out is common when sudden rains or poor drainage rush into the ground, shifting the soil. In either case, the slabs move along with the ground, cracking and settling as they do so.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you have slabs that need extra support to get back to a level and safe position, give us a call. At Leveled Concrete, we find the best possible solutions for homeowners to get the stability their home needs. Contact us to get a free inspection and see if a slab pier system is right for your foundation.

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