Wall Anchor Installation in Houston

If you’re one of the many homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas with a sea wall, bulkhead, or a retaining wall on your property, you probably know how important they are. Without their support keeping soil and water held in (or out) from your yard, it would be a mess. When bulkheads start showing signs of failure, it’s crucial to get a professional opinion as soon as possible.

At Leveled Concrete, we strive to find the most cost-effective solution for our customers. For sea walls and retaining walls, we install GeoLock wall anchors to avoid costly replacements. Call or click to schedule your free consultation and see if wall anchors are right for your home.

GeoLock Wall Anchors

Our wall repair experts recommend GeoLock wall anchors for permanent bulkhead repair. One of the best features of this method is the ability to tighten the anchors as you need to, so the walls will always stay in the position they’re supposed to stay in. The anchors are embedded into the wall and connected to steel anchors.

Signs That You Need an Installation

It’s generally pretty easy to see if your retaining wall is failing. The most obvious sign is when the wall begins to lean so it’s no longer in a vertical position. Other things like crumbling, cracking, or wood rot are also indications that the walls need more support.

Have Your Walls Inspected for Free

If your retaining walls and bulkheads are showing signs of failure, let one of our repair professionals come take a look. Our free inspection process will help you decide if the GeoLock anchors are the best solution for your home and we can answer any questions you have about the installation.

Our Texas foundation experts perform inspections in numerous communities around Houston, Conroe, Clear Lake, Sugar Land, Katy and more. Schedule your free inspection today!