The most prevalent type of soil in the Houston area contains high clay content. Clay is known to absorb moisture in the wet season, which causes it to expand. When saturated clay swells beneath your home’s concrete slab, it causes heaving, which is upward movement of the foundation. If your house is built on a concrete slab foundation, heaving can cause the concrete to crack or move, which will cause your interior flooring to become uneven. Over time, this movement can put immense pressure on your interior concrete slab. 

That pressure will ultimately result in the cracking or sloping of some sections of the flooring inside your home. If the damage isn’t addressed in a timely manner, it will only worsen over time. When left unchecked, the damage can expand and impact the stability of your foundation. Postponing repairs can also result in more costly and time-consuming repairs.

The Houston concrete leveling experts at Leveled offer interior concrete leveling services to mitigate this type of problem. Our experienced team can provide a free inspection and let you know if interior concrete leveling would be appropriate for your situation. We will work with you to determine the best repair solution within your budget, so you can walk on a smooth and stable surface once again and protect your concrete slab foundation from future damage.


At Leveled, we offer exceptional interior concrete leveling and slab jacking services to Houston homeowners and business owners, and we use only industry-leading products. If your interior concrete slab has started cracking or is uneven, we can help restore it to its former glory. 

To accomplish this, we use a revolutionary method and an innovative product called PolyLevel®, where we inject polyurethane foam underneath the sinking portions of concrete. The foam quickly expands and hardens, stabilizing and lifting the concrete back into place. PolyLevel is a permanent solution, environmentally friendly, and safe to work with. Plus, it is a quick, cost-effective, and minimally invasive repair solution.

Our concrete floor leveling experts in Houston have extensive experience working with the area’s unique soils. We want to help you walk on a stable and level surface again.

poly level repair under home


We have earned our stellar reputation as a trusted company in Houston for high-quality concrete leveling services and superior customer service. Our professional and experienced team proudly provides our customers with quality workmanship, friendly service, and fair and honest prices.


We want to help you protect your property. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection to see if interior concrete leveling services are right for your Houston home or business.